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Ketchum is the main dining/retail hub for Sun Valley, offering a wide variety of great dining options. It is just a short 10-15 min drive from Osprey Estate.

A personal favorite for lunch is The Bigwood Bread Company (2 locations). One of our evening favorites is Enoteca’s (rated #2 on TripAdvisor) for their wine, atmosphere and menu. A “local” happy hour favorite is Pioneer Saloon (rated #1), where you can also stay for dinner and enjoy their 20 oz. prime rib and Jim Spud.

And don’t forget Hailey, just three miles to the south of Osprey Estate. Eat at Shorty’s for breakfast, CK’s for a white linen dinner or Zou 75 for the best sushi in the Valley.


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Sun Valley is a mecca for the arts. Entertainment and enrichment opportunities include an annual jazz and music festival, summer symphony series, wine auction, winter opera series, nordic festival, writers conference and film festival.

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